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Bigg Boss 15: Nikki Tamboli comes out in support of Shamita Shetty, here’s what she said!

Devoleena Bhattacharjee, a former Bigg Boss participant, has entered the current season as a wild card. In past seasons, she was also infamous for picking up fights. Bigg Boss 14 featured the actress as well. We recently observed her make a snide remark about Shamita Shetty, even calling her a ‘dogla’ (double face). Shamita was irritated by her remark, and the fight ensued. Former Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli came out in support of the Bollywood actress and sent a long statement on Instagram stories.

nikki Tamboli
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She writes, “It is sad we live in a society where if a woman voices her opinion more often than not it is take as being dominating and the same goes for Shamita. A girl brought up with dignity and class will behave a certain way which sadly passes off as snooty and proud and even if she is one then just let’s accept it and move on she isn’t pointing fingers at your personality or expecting a justification so why are you, your game is Bigg Boss not uncover Shamita right? A wild card contestant and comes in and says things to her knowing very well this will only get her eye balls so she chooses her enemies well to make sure promo cuts have her in it… well lets just accept the reality that wild card entries never lift trophy.”

Nikki further backed and wrote, “Shamita I just want you to hang in there you are stronger than this, let the world watch you lift the trophy this year.”

Devoleena had earlier remarked, “Shamita hai upar se heera par andar se hai keeda”.

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