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Bigg Boss 15: Geeta Kapur compared Umar Riaz’s aggression with his profession and stated that his aggression is deep-rooted

Many celebrities joined the sets of Bigg Boss 15’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, which was highly entertaining for the public. In the weekend episode, Umar Riaz had to leave the house due to a frightening incident. Umar Riaz was shown in the previous episode getting into a violent altercation with Pratik Sehajpal. Bigg Boss has stated that the BB 15 audience will decide whether or not he will be evicted. A panel of seven celebrities also spoke out against his acts.

Geeta Kapur, a well-known choreographer and TV show judge, had come to encourage Nishant Bhat. She also chatted with Umar Riaz and expressed her thoughts on him. She told Salman she had something to say to Umar and made a remark about his occupation. She even compared his aggression to his career, claiming that it is ingrained in him.

Geeta said, “He said that his profession is of a surgeon and I would like to tell you Umar when you come out of this house I’ll never want to be treated with someone with aggression like yours. Mere andar woh darr baith gaya because you lose your patience. You don’t understand what you are doing at that point of time. Its a very disturbing fact that you are in a profession that needs a calm mind, you have to take critical decisions during a surgery, which you can’t take with such an aggressive attitude. So for me I feel very bad for you because I wish you were not like this. The Umar Riaz I’ve seen in this house mere bharosa utha jayega from this profession and it’s never late to change that attitude.”

Kashmera Shah and Divya Agarwal, who were also on set for the weekend episode, agreed with Geeta Kapur’s assertion that no one will push or fight him during surgery. Divya expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that his profession is constantly brought up in conversation and that the entire household is hostile. Umar, according to Geeta, is violent by nature and has always been like way.

In his defence, Umar argued that when a doctor does procedures or performs tasks, he is an entirely different person. Their demeanour shifts the moment they put on the white coat.

Salman also backed up Geeta’s statements in the Bigg Boss promo, claiming that he is violent towards people and does not listen to them.


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