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THROWBACK! Did you know, Gauri Khan once said she wanted to leave Shah Rukh Khan, read the whole story here!

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have long been seen as a power couple in Bollywood. They’ve been through thick and thin together. While SRK has built a name for himself in the profession, Gauri has also been a successful businesswoman. She has a well-deserved reputation as an interior designer.

While the entire nation was enamoured with this couple, Gauri appeared uneasy and annoyed with the whole pretence of being a ‘starwife wife.’ She obviously didn’t want to be known as that.

Gauri Khan appeared on a Koffee With Karan episode where she revealed that all the celebrity wives were fleeing and that she was planning to do the same. As reported by IBTimes, when the filmmaker asked her who she thinks is the biggest superstar wife, someone she looks up to, Gauri said, “You know, the thing is that most wives have run away or are planning to run away, I am including myself.”

Karan Johar and Sussanne Khan were struck speechless by her reaction. “You have a happy marriage,” the acclaimed filmmaker exclaimed. The filmmaker then displayed a video clip of Jaya Bachchan talking about her in the same episode. The experienced actress said in the video clip: “I think Gauri is very comfortable with her position and her relationship, she looks comfortable. She is very secure, she knows that she is very important to him (Shah Rukh Khan). You can see it. It’s wonderful because I can really see him conveying that to her.”

Jaya Bachchan went on to say that famous spouses like Gauri Khan have grown up with and witnessed their husbands’ journeys. They’re more than husband and wife; they’re friends, and they’ve given their husbands this safe haven to view the highs and lows of life.

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