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Netizens aren’t pleased with Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey’s Vanraj Shah asking to help Malvika

Anupamaa, starring Rupali Ganguly, has remained at the top of the TRP ratings since its premiere, with viewers complimenting the show for its unique and relatable plotline. Meanwhile, the filmmakers are delving into a delicate subject: Anuj Kapadia’s sister Malvika’s domestic violence. Gaurav Khanna’s character in the show reveals his sister’s history, which has caused her despair. The inclusion of Sudhanshu Pandey’s Vanraj Shah has irked many, despite the fact that the theme has been praised by netizens.

For the uninitiated, the family drama centres on the titular character, who sacrifices her dreams in order to care for her family. She is, however, dissatisfied when she receives no recognition for her efforts. She then makes the decision to live her life on her own terms.

Sudhanshu Pandey’s Vanraj Shah meets Gaurav Khanna’s Anuj Kapadia and Rupali Ganguly’s Anupamaa in the latest track, when she observes Malvika crying. When Vanraj notices this, he offers his assistance and tells them that everything will be resolved. Despite the fact that his character is depicted as the evil guy, his changing behaviour after torturing Anu has enraged netizens, who are now accusing the filmmakers and writers of attempting to whitewash Vanraj’s image.

A user wrote, “He mentally tortured Anupamaa, traumatized her, gave her panic attacks but look at his guts jo Anuj ko bol raha hai ki “I’m there for you,” another wrote, “Since Vanraj is offering his “kind help” to #AnujKapadia, I feel Anuj should know about this incident to understand how Vanraj is the “MOST APPROPRIATE” to help in this situation Maybe Anuj should beat the sh$t out of him to set an example in front of Mukku,” a third user wrote, “How the makers have forgotten it and yet make Anupama defend him! Such a hypocrite show.”

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