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Bigg Boss 13: This member will be homeless from house in Mid Week


Bigg Boss 13 is slowly growing towards its finale and this week Vishal Aditya Singh has become homeless from home, now there is news of Mid Week Eviction.

Now there is news from some media sources that this week contestant of the house, Mahira Sharma, will also be out in the Mid Week Eviction.

Though no promos have been revealed so far, nor has anyone from the channel and any of the team of producers confirmed this, but Spot Boy believes that Mid Week Mahira will be out of the house.

From the beginning, Mahira has been famous for playing Paras according to Paras by not playing her own game at house, Paras and her friendship have also received a lot of air on social media.

Now this time will tell how much change will happen in the game of Paras if Mahira is out of the house.

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