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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz breaks down after questioning friendship with Siddharth

Things got very different in Bigg Boss 13’s house, as the media got a chance to interact with the contestants in the episode that aired recently.

Babloo Bachelor Poster 1

In the preview teaser, it is shown that Mahira Sharma had to face questions to call Shahnaz Gill an odor. Then Mahira said that Shahnaz has not said anything less. She once told her, “You are what, what is your standard?”

Subsequently, Shehnaz is asked that she claims to be emotionally attached to Siddharth, but then she goes and sits with the people who have taken up her case. His friendship with her is questioned. He was asked if this was for sports only.

Shehnaz admits that it is for the game. Siddharth starts arguing with her. And later they are seen fighting in the bathroom. Shehnaz then tells Rashmi Desai ‘I don’t want fame in the media like this.’

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