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Bigg Boss 13: Terrible battle between Paras and Mahira


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma get into a very ugly dispute with each other. When Mahira, who is kneading dough in the kitchen and is doing breakfast duty for Paras Chhabra, Paras stops her. She angrily quits work and asks him to do the entire work himself.

An angry Paras gets up, washes his hands and starts kneading the dough. Mahira returns and tells him to move away but Paras, who is very angry, tells her to stay away and says, “Come on, walk away.”

Mahira gets upset with his manner of speaking and asks him to talk respectfully with her. She also calls him “ill-tempered”, while Paras says he should have thought that his finger injury had not fully healed.

Paras Chhabra also asks Mahira Sharma to speak slowly and compares her to Rashmi Desai. This bothers her even more and asks her to look at his face in the mirror for this bad attitude. However, Paras says that no matter how much he loves her, she always shows a special attitude to him.

Mahira later returns to Paras and Paras pushes her. Tells her not to talk to him. He even tells her, “Get out of here, don’t talk to me.” Then he taunts her that she will see her face in the mirror and she has a beautiful face, which she can already see.

Paras Chhabra also tells her that there is no difference between Asim and him and they speak alike because they are both from Kashmir. Mahira then asks him to speak politely but he refuses to understand.

Aarti Singh intervenes and Paras tells her to stay away from Mahira. She tells Paras that Mahira is crying and he says let her cry.

Later, he finds a mirror and places it right in front of Mahira Sharma’s face and asks her to look at her face. They hug each other and Paras kisses her.

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