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Bigg Boss 13: Paras taught Devoleena the politics of chess


Bigg Boss 13’s house is witnessing tremendous politics these days. There is noise of quarrels everywhere, often all the work is seen to be canceled. In the midst of such an environment, even after the recent captaincy task, Himanshi became the captain. And the politics of Rashmi, Devoleena and Himanshi appeared in the kitchen, while the other members of the house also made a faction against Himanshi and announced not to do household work.

In the midst of all these minor politics of Bigg Boss 13, Paras was seen asking Devoleena to support Sid. When Devoleena says that she does not like Sid and Shehnaaz from the beginning of the show, why should she support them, Paras is seen explaining them to the game of chess.

He said that this game is like a game of chess and Siddharth was like the king of the other team, now that we have dropped all the pawns of his team, we can win this game anytime. He also said that now if we support Sid, then later we can tell him that when your team left you alone, then only we supported you.

Although Paras has opened up all his secrets to the Devo but Devoleena does not seem happy with his strategy.

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