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Bigg Boss 13: Close proximity between Asim and Himanshi


Nowadays drama is at its peak in the house of Bigg Boss 13. Every day there is a ruckus on some issue. Every day a new relationship is joining, then there is a relationship breaking up.Viewers are very fond of the increasing proximity between Himanshi and Asim.

The Captaincy Task took place at Bigg Boss 13’s house yesterday, in which Captains contenders Shehnaaz, Siddharth, Bhau and Himanshi were seen competing as contenders. In which first Shehnaaz and then Bhau got out of this task but later both Himanshi and Sid were not leaving the frame in this work and when Sid was rotated, Himanshi fell and the screen was left by her hand and she fell. | Asim confronted Sid on this matter and started telling Shaifali again and again that Sid used force and Himanshi also agreed with him.

Later, even after Sid’s victory, Shaifali declared Himanshi as the captain of the house, using the force. Meanwhile, the members of the house refused to work in Himanshi’s captaincy, during this whole task and Later, Asim stood for Himanshi.

Later he also told Himanshi that he is very happy to be his captain. Himanshi was also telling him that you have done a lot for me, even when I was sick you cared for me a lot, you are my real friend. Later Shaifali said to Asim that why don’t you tell Himanshi that you like him. On this Asim said, I cannot tell.

No matter how many fights are there in the house, in such a way, the increasing proximity of Asim and Himanshi among all these issues is very good for the audience.

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