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Bigg Boss 13: Why Rashmi Desai raised questions on Shehnaaz’s character

The house of Bigg Boss 13 has turned into a battle front as contestants are falling into new fights one after another. These days the members of the house who have turned against each other are Rashmi Desai and Shehnaaz Gill.

Both of them are seen arguing heavily in yesterday’s episode and after Himanshi becomes captain, Rashmi appears to be fully involved with them and then a fight ensues between Rashmi and Shehnaaz over something. Devoleena encouraged Rashmi to talk about the designer clothes she borrowed on Shehnaaz weekend and commented on Shehnaaz.

Rashmi said that Shehnaaz is not loyal to anyone. she also pointed fingers at the character of Shehnaaz and said that there are many secrets outside of you that I know. Rashmi said to Shehnaaz that “Your stories are famous all over the world.” Shehnaaz was shocked when she heard this and said, “Okay, what do you know about me?”

Shehnaaz said that she would never hear anything against her character. Later Rashmi turned to Devoleena to say that she said something about Shehnaaz, then later retracted that she said she was not Everything she said was just a joke and made no sense.

Devoleena and Rashmi were also seen arguing among themselves that Rashmi never speaks at the right time and always raises an issue at the wrong time. She also said that she does not take any stand for herself.

Now let’s see how Salman is going to give his reaction on this in the Weeken Ka War episode in Bigg Boss 13.a

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