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Trip to Bhangarh

Trip to BhangarhTrip to Bhangarh cast and crew :

Genre: Horror
Release Date: 5th September, 2014
Director: Dilip Virender Sood
Producer/s: Dilip Virender Sood, Ajay G Rai, Mayank Jain
Writer/s: Dilip Virender Sood, Harish Vyas, Taqi Imam, Shivani Thakur
Music Director/s: Adeel Chaudhry, Aniket Kar

Plot : Trip to Bhangarh will be the next mystery horror release that will feature on box office. Starring in this film are celebrities like Debonita Sur, Herry, Aneet, Puneet etc. the film is directed by Dilip Virendra and is produced by Dilip sood. Story plot of the movie revolves around the fort of Bhaangarh. The fort is located in Rajasthan and is the only legally recognized haunted territory of India. The movie currently is under production and will release on 5th September 2014.

The story plot of the movie as explained is a mystery horror. When a young group of friends get to know of the only haunted place of India, in search of thrill they set foot inside the Bhangarh fort. Ignoring the strict warning to stay out after sunset till sunrise, the young group of friends get to see and experience things which are completely out of this world. The group soon starts falling prey of evil spirits residing in fort and some of which survive try to search way out. Now to see is that if they will be the first to survive or not after setting foot in fort after sunset.

As per the trailers of the movie released till now, it is fair to say that the film will feature great detailing and visual experience. You will be amazed and shocked out of fear at same time while watching the movie due to excellent screening and sound effects. Trailers of the movie released till now have got excellent response containing many positive reviews from the fans. There are many stars making their debut in movie. The movie is set to be short and mostly within 2 hours mark. The film is awaited and will be a worth to watch with family or friends.

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  1. I want to watch bhangarh..not tht trip to bhangarh seems stupid movie. Release date in hyderabad plz

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