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BB16: Former contestant Rohit Verma calls Shiv Thakare ‘dogla’

Celebrity fashion designer and Bigg Boss 3 former contestant Rohit Verma has given his opinion about the game of Bigg Boss 16 contestants. He called Shiv Thakare ‘dogla’ ”flipper,’ and chalaak on the reality show. He also said that this year’s season is quite boring as their following previous season.

In a conversation with host, Krushna Abhishek, Rohit Verma said, Shiv is ‘double dholki’ and ‘dogla’ he tries to play politically correct all the time. His only focus is the game and nothing else, he is not a true friend to anyone because I believe he can stab everyone in the back for the sake of the game.

“I have seen him flipping quite a few times. He fights with the contestants and then pleases them as well. His only policy is divide and rule. Although I do think that he has the qualities of a leader.” Rohit also spilled the beans about Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Choudhary, MC Stan, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.

Rohit Verma even said:

“All the contestants are very boring this season but Ankit is very hot, every girl needs a boy like Ankit, he’s the perfect marriage material munda(boy). I like Archana (Gautam). She’s very entertaining but sometimes goes overboard and becomes annoying.
“Abdu Rozik is very cute, but I don’t know why housemates are not understanding that he’s a contestant, they need to treat him like one. Also, I feel he has started to feel a little lonely in the house now”.

Rohit Verma called Priyanka is very irritating:

“Priyanka is very irritating. As for MC Stan, I don’t think I can ever gel with him. I have always had problems with personalities like MC Stan, I get very scared and conscious around them, I feel people like him are very homophobic and call out weird names like shemdi and all”.

Talking about Nimrit Rohit Vera said, “Nimrit is just playing her character of ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’ in the Bigg Boss house. She’s very image conscious right now and is not showing her real personality. I know her personally. She’s a very sweet and fun-loving bubbly girl outside the house. All the contestants need to show their real selves as it is a reality show.”

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