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SHOCKING! Bigg Boss fame Rohit Verma has been a victim of sexual abuse at the age of 8

Bigg Boss fame Rohit Verma who is a popular designer recently revealed that he has become a victim of sexual abuse in childhood. When he was 8 years old, he was raped by his real uncle. Rohit reveals that he comes from a good family and his family members have old views. He even said that at the age of eight, his uncle had sexually abused him as a child. The designer further said that his uncle made him wear a sari and also applied hot wax on his body, and this is the most shocking revelation for us.

The former contestant of Bigg Boss recently made shocking revelations while talking with RJ Siddharth Kanan’s chat show. He said, “I come from an intellectual family where I was the black sheep. Maybe because I wasn’t that great at my studies, I was bullied a lot at home. I did not know what my sexuality is and why do I feel like a woman, maybe because I was also raped in my childhood time. Back then, I was very horrified as we weren’t that frank with our parents to go and share such things with them. I did not share this with anyone because nobody would have believed me. My real uncle used to do that to me when I was eight years of age. He used to drape me in a saree, put hot wax on me and keep injections around, put his d**k in my mouth. He used to do all the horrible things.”

He further said, “I was horrified to tell my mother because he (uncle) said that nobody will believe you, and this went on for 3-4 years. I faced that in my family and I didn’t tell anyone.”

The fashion designer also revealed that he was cheated on by a superstar male boyfriend. Rohit reveals that he fasted for him on Karva Chauth and waited to have dinner together at home, but the lover did not come. Rohit Verma believed in his sixth sense and rushed to a disco where he found the superstar ‘Sachar **** g another lady.

Recently, Karan Mehra filed a defamation case against Rohit Verma for maligning his image in the Karan-Nisha Rawal feud.


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