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Badlapur Movie 2015

Badlapur Badlapur Movie 2015 Overview :

Actor: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Varun Dhawan, Vinay Pathak
Actress: Huma Qureshi, Yami Gautam
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 20th February, 2015
Cast: Varun Dhawan, Huma Qureshi, Yami Gautam, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vinay Pathak
Director: Sriram Raghavan
Producer/s: Saif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijan


Located at Badlapur, a town of Uttar Pradesh, this film revolves among a gang of kabaddi players also referred to as ‘Badlapur Boys‘, who aspire to reach the zenith of success against all sorts of odds. Eventually they do get their ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to compete in a state-level kabaddi match, thanks to their coach, Annu Kapoor. But the main question is whether they really succeed and make it big?

The central character of the film is righteous Vijay, portrayed by actor Nishan Nanajah. Unlike his other group members, winning the game is not his sole focus. His major goals in life are to restore the dignity of his late father, arrange for sufficient water supply in his village and also marry the woman he loves (Saranya Mohan). The portrayal of these never-ending problems in Vijay’s life only makes the movie more tiring and melodramatic, rather than inspiring to modern youth. While it is truly a relief to witness a film that lends adequate importance to kabaddi as a skillful game, the execution of the drama and the screenplay could have been more convincing.

Instead of incorporating elements of energy and enthusiasm that are ingrained within the very nature of the kabaddi game, this film ends up becoming a long compilation of tragic tales. This only serves to digress the script from its original premise. The pasteurization of the romantic tracks is remindful of the 90s, but only in a clich├ęd sense. If that is not enough, the dialogues lack sincerity and can bore one to tears. Annu Kapoor does try his utmost to deliver a convincing message, but fails to create a strong impression as a determined coach. Certain scenes, far from being dramatic or tragic, end up being hilarious, especially the enactment of villains.

All in all, the cast is fresh even if not perfect, and the inevitability of the plot should be forgiven because all sports films end with a victorious statement.

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