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Khamoshiyan – 2015

Khamoshiyan movie 2015Khamoshiyan 2015 Movie Overview :

Actor: Ali Fazal
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 30th January, 2015
Cast: Gurmeet Choudhary, Sapna Babbi , Ali Fazal
Director: Karan Darra

A conjoint venture of Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, this film is an erotic thriller, based on a writer who meets a woman with a strange past, in Kashmir. Khamoshiyan is directed by Karan Darra and is scripted by Vikram Bhatt. Featuring in the lead roles at television actors Gurmeet Choudhury and Ali Fazal as well as Sapna Pabbi. The latter is a d├ębutante and has kept her stepping stone in the world of Bollywood, with this film. From first impressions, we can surely say that she has placed a strong foothold and is here to stay. ‘Khamoshiyan’ was slated to release later in the year of 2015, but it eventually got released on the 30th of January.

The writer played by actor Gurmeet Choudhury gets to meet a mysterious woman, portrayed by Sapna Babbi, while he is on a trip to Kashmir. As time passes by, he finds himself drawn to her from the very first moment itself and tries to seek after her, only to know about her strange origins and past. The film focuses on a central theme that is the suspense of anonymity which transforms into enormous passion, over time.

While the cast of the Khamoshiyan seems perfect and the couple looks well together, the storyline is weak and fails to leave behind a convincing message. Gurmeet Choudhury has always proved his mettle as an actor on the silver screen, but this film portrays his charisma and magnetism in better way. D├ębutante Sapna Babbi sure knows how to act, and looks free of the ‘first film jitters’. She can act with her eyes and looks comfortable in front of the camera. No wonder, this girl has an array of film contracts in her kitty already. As happens with an every Mahesh Bhatt movie, the ending is somewhat abstract and quite a spoiler to some extent. Nevertheless the passion and thrill, this movie embodies makes it really a ‘one-time watch’.

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