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Dolly ki Doli 2015

Dolly ki Doli 2015Dolly ki Doli Overview :

Actor: Pulkit Samrat, Raj Kumar Yadav
Actress: Sonam Kapoor
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 23rd January, 2015
Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma
Director: Abhishek Dogra
Producer: Arbaaz Khan

Dolly ki Doli Plot:

Arbaaz Khan‘s latest production and directed by Abhishek Dobra, this film portrays Sonam Kapoor as a ‘looteri dulhan’. The film has a core crime theme, yet the scenes are executed from a hilarious point of view. Pulkit Sharma is the male lead of the film. Other important actors involve the national award winner, Rajkummar Rao and Varun Sharma, who enact the roles of hapless husbands who are robbed on the very first night of their wedding, by their con bride.

Sonam Kapoor has always been seen enacting the role of a bold, carefree and independent girl. Here the notch of the style quotient as well as confidence factor is increased even further, as she plays the role of a con woman. She marries men only to rob them off all jewelry, money as well as assets and then flees away on the wedding night, to her next venture of the journey of robbery.

As much as the film looks promising and a fun joyride from the trailers, the sequence of scenes become predictable after a time, and the element of suspense is lost. By the time of interval, the frequency of looking at the watch increases. Sonam Kapoor is her usual self, boisterous and unyielding, but seems quite adequate for the role. With this film, it is quite evident that she has come a long way from her first movie. Yet again, she needs to explore herself as an actor by taking up more challenging roles that are very unlike the ones she has done before. Rajkummar Rao delivers a laudable performance and one cannot simply stop wishing he had more scenes. Pulkit Sharma and Varun Sharma fit into the role of helpless victims quite well, and it is the cast that actually saves the ship of the movie, thus preventing it from sinking into the depths of eternal boredom and monotony.

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