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These B-town Celebs Became Victims Of Morphed Picture

The B Town is one of the most happening places in the world. We find something or the other happening here and morphed images are no exception. Let’s look at some B Town celebs who turned the victim of Morphed imaged.

Though Anushka Shamra and Virat Kohli’s breakup murmurs seemed rolling out, we see a morphed image of the two going viral like wildfire over the web. Virat is shown sitting on a chair with his leg on the bum of the B Town beauty while you find her in a crouching posture.

Anushka Shamra and Virat Kohli

Kajol was seen in the morphed image which she never was seen donned with. The very much revealing image was nothing but a photoshopped one.


The Dream Girl turned politician of B Town – the infamous Hema Malini was seen becoming the victim of the morphed image when she was seen in mini skirt going viral over the web.


The Topless image of Kajal Aggarwal: This B Town beauty was seen with the morphed image in a topless avatar. Later she went on records to say that her picture was distorted and photoshopped.


The Bachchan’s in law the Aishwarya Rai was seen becoming the victim of the same when she was seen with a baby. It went on to become viral over the web, which compelled the Bachchans to clarify it was a fake picture.

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