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This TV Actress Made a BOLD Comeback after Overcoming Depression

Depression and stardom seems to have interconnected though, but with willpower and positive thinking it can be averted. Whether it is the silver screen or the small screen, the known actress are often known to have infected them a lot. Let’s dig in deep into the life of a TV actress who made a bold comeback after overpowering the depression as under:

Shama Sikander is not an unknown name though she was silent for a while with her depression but has made the most sensual and bold appearance with her short film called nookyaholic that is a jaw dropping work of her.


The short film ‘nookyaholic’ is directed and written by Shailendra Singh

This film is all about a married woman who is seen having multiple intimate relationships with men simply to quench her thirst of sexual desire.


Shama is seen reported with depression in the industry owing to how entertainment industry works with lies and deceptions.

The film is also seen featuring Shama’s fiancé James Milliron who seems to be in the role of an American based businessman and both are engaged since past one year claims the reports.


The small screen actress was seen making headlines for combating depression for a long time

You can find a number of girls like Shama Sikandar who was getting lost somewhere in the small screen industry when the two come forward to fulfill their dreams.


As per a number of reports, this could be the possible reasons behind her depression as her career in the industry has been flocking bad.

As per Shama, it’s really difficult to survive and get good work in the industryShama-Sikandar-new-one

She expects her career to come in a new shape reviving it in the industry with her hot and bold short film that has gone viral over the internet.


One can say that Shama Sikandar is now back with a big bang in order to make her presence feel in the industry.

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