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Avantika Khattri’s appeal to the Virgin Voters of India


Avantika Khattari
Avantika Khattari


Avantika Khattri recently acted in a Public Awareness Film #BeWokeGoVote along with Salil Acharya where she is urging the young first time/Virgin voters of our country to be aware about the power of voting, the power of democracy and should therefore go and cast their vote !!

She further adds that instead of being mesmerised by any paid political advertisements, the voters should look around what the local leaders and MPs have delivered according to their last election manifesto.

With a population of 1.3 billion and 900 million eligible voters, the 2019 general elections are expected to be the largest exercise of democracy in history.




What makes it all the more momentous is that this time, first-time voters will equal 45 million or 5 percent of the voter base, enough to have a significant impact on the final outcome. Unfortunately, the turnout among this group has had a precedent of being dramatically low. Whether due to apathy or a feeling of alienation from the current political system, today’s youth simply don’t believe in the power of their vote.

If this continues, the results will NOT be representative of the popular will – of what tomorrow’s change-makers truly want.

In the India of today, it is critical the new generation appreciates the pivotal role they play in deciding the fate of our nation. A generation that’s more aware than ever before, having grown up in the internet age – should not be silent. For their ‘say’ can make all the difference.

In an attempt to speak to this group in a relatable tone and manner, TBWA India decided to drive home a message: “To Vote is To Be Woke”. Through this video, the limelight was cast on the core issues affecting us all.




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