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Anupamaa Update: Anu-Anuj patch up, Vanraj handles Toshu’s mess

Star Plus’ show Anupamaa has always managed to grab eyeballs with unexpected twists and turns in its storyline. It seems like the show is all set to witness some lovely moments between Anu and Anuj and a huge drama in the Shah house. The latest track shows how Anuj Kapadia’s friend Dheeraj enters to make Anupamaa and Anuj realise how much they love each other and set things right in their struggling relationship.

Dheeraj plans to resolve their issues, and he, along with Anu and Devika, stops Anuj from leaving for the office. When Anu acts like she is falling unconscious, Anuj hurries to hold her and worries for her. Anu immediately wakes up and dances to a song, while Anuj enjoys it but still acts angry. Devika and Dheetaj lock the room’s door and hand it to Anu. However, Anuj gets the keys and manages to leave despite their attempts to stop him.

Anu feels sad but is then overjoyed to see him return. Anuj dances for Anupamaa, and the duo finally sorts out their differences.

Anupamaa: Paritosh creates a mess

On the other side, Paritosh discusses a huge deal that will bring him a lot of money. Toshu’s greed is visible, and therefore Vanraj gets doubtful. Leela asks him to trust Toshu. At the same time, Jayanti comes to talk and takes Paritosh outside. After hearing a loud noise, Vanraj goes there only to find Toshu getting beaten by Jayanti’s people for committing fraud. Vanraj assures him that he will return the money taken by Toshu, which angers the latter.

Anuj and Anupamaa, along with Dheeraj and Devika, go for a bike ride, where you will see some romantic moments between the duo. Anuj says that friendship is essential in every relationship.

In the coming episodes, you will witness some more moments between the couple, while Vanraj will reveal Toshu’s fraud to Kavya. She will refuse to listen, stating that she is busy. Vanraj will decide to tackle things on his own and once again hold control of his family.

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