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Anupamaa spoilers: Malvika and Vanraj’s plan shifts to Mumbai; Anupama and Anuj goes on a date

Now a massive twist is about to come in the story of the small screen’s popular TV serial Anupamaa. Something is going to happen in this TV serial. In this TV serial, it will be seen that Vanraj’s arrow will hit the target, due to which there will be a new storm in the relationship between Anuj and Anupamaa. It can be seen in the current episodes that Bapuji is waiting for Vanraj to come back home. Once he is there, he asks him about the Mumbai project. Vanraj tells him that Malvika wants to open a restaurant first in Mumbai. Bapuji expresses concern over him leaving their Ahmedabad project midway and starting a new one. Vanraj tells him that it’s Malvika’s money and he is only doing what she is asking him to do. Bapuji says that he knows him very well and he knows that even though it’s Malvika’s money, he must be doing things his way.

Bapuji warns him that his connection with Malvika should be completely professional. Vanraj is then overheard expressing that he is uninterested in Malvika and is just concerned with achieving his goal. He believes Kavya or Anupama must have informed Bapuji about everything.

Anupamaa rushes to speak with Anuj but finds him asleep. She then dials Bapuji’s number and inquires about his family’s situation. They both know things are going to become worse in the next few days, but they don’t tell one other about it.

Anupamaa apologizes to Anuj the next day and suggests that they speak with Malvika. Malvika appears with a backpack and informs them that she is heading to Mumbai with Vanraj. He arrives to take her up and bids Anupama farewell. He later asks Malvika if Anuj or Anupamaa prevented her from traveling, to which she responds that they did not. Vanraj informs her that Anuj and Anupama would be surprised in the coming days, then shifts the conversation to how their success will make them jealous.

In another scene, Anupamaa asks Anuj to go out with her. He asks her if it’s a date. She is left quiet with his question. On the other hand, Bapuji tells Baa that he will talk to Anupamaa about her marriage with Anuj.

Later, Anupamaa is waiting for Anuj to arrive. She is surprised to see him dress up in jeans and a shirt. She jokes that he is overdressed and now people will make fun of her.

In Mumbai, Malvika and Vanraj‘s meeting goes well. He tells her that it’s a good deal and they should not wait to say yes, but Malvika disagrees.

 What do you think will Malvika and Vanraj be shifted to Mumbai. Will Anuj give permission to Malvika? Stay connected with Cinetalkers to know more.

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