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ANUPAMA Spoilers: Malvika calls to Anuj ‘joru ka ghulam’; as they spent the night in a room

Everyday twists and turns are seen in the show ‘Anupama‘, which remains on top in TRP. Sometimes there is a tussle in Kavya-Vanraj’s marriage, sometimes their divorce, sometimes Baa and Bapuji’s quarrel, sometimes Anuj-Anupama’s love-less friendship. Meaning every day some shocked audience gets to get it.

In the recent episode, it was seen that Vanraj wants to take over Anuj’s company. For this, he has been creating plans to get in the good books of Malvika and get near to her. In today’s episode, we will see that Anupama and Anuj will be so engrossed in office work that both of them will spend the whole night in the office. First Anupama will sleep, then Anuj will make her take off her coat, and after that when Anupama’s eyes open, she will do the same to save Anuj from the cold. When it is morning, Malvika will come and wake up both of them.

On the other hand, Kavya and Vanraj will be seen together while leaving the house. Kavya will forcibly sit in Vanraj’s car. Vanraj will come to the office in anger. Then Anupama will advise him to calm down his anger. But Vanraj will now be angrier at Anupama than Kavya. After which Anupama will say that she is not his babysitter.

Kavya joins them in the meeting hall and seeing her Vanraj gets furious. He tells Malvika that he thought over her idea of launching the restaurant in Mumbai and they can do it. Anupama wanted to share her view on this but Vanraj interrupted her by saying that Malvika doesn’t need a babysitter. Anupama tells them that before opening a restaurant in Mumbai, they should launch one in Ahmedabad. Anuj agrees with Anupama, to which Malvika said that he always agrees with her and has become a “joru ka ghulam”. Vanraj also remarks that they should keep their personal and professional connections separate. Malvika coordinates with him and tells them that they will sit in another conference room for their meeting.

After this, we will see that Vanraj alone will make Malavika emotional by crying out for his compulsions. Then Malvika will say that if all is not well then she will separate the office. On hearing this, a winning smile will be seen on Vanraj’s face.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Vanraj in his old style (sitting on a dining table chair straight in front of the entrance) waits for Kavya to return. Once Anupama and Kavya come back, he refers to Kavya as “ye aurat” to which Anupama tells him that she has a name. Vanraj then mocks them how two sautans and arch-enemies have become best friends now.

So now it remains to be seen whether Anupama will be able to save Malvika from the dirty intentions of her ex-husband Vanraj? Will she be able to get Kavya her right?
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