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Anupamaa Spoiler: Chhoti Anu will hate her, Anuj will behave worse than Vanraj

Television’s daily soap Anupamaa is full of twists and turns. In the ongoing track, we see that Vanraj and Kavya have made a deed to interview in Delhi. While Kinjal has also gone to Mumbai for a presentation. Anu decides to take Baa, Bapuji, Samar, and Toshu to the Kapadia house and help them. But taking responsibility for Kapadia and Shah’s house, Anu juggles in the middle. Anuj has lost his temper as the Shah family has come to stay at his house. Anupama is unable to give time to Choti Anu.

Hasmukh approaches Anuj at the Shah residence in the upcoming Anupamaa episode and requests to speak with him. Anuj informs him that Anu is under pressure from the Shah and Kapadia families. He even claims that Anu is unable to manage Choti Anu’s responsibilities as a result of the Shah family. He begs him not to interpret him incorrectly. Anu arrives late to the annual event at Choti Anu’s school. Anuj and Hasmukh’s talk is overheard by Leela, who becomes agitated. Angrily packing her things, Leela claims that Anuj dislikes them.


Anuj will behave worse with Anupama than with Vanraj as she will show lack of care for the little Anu. Anupamaa is requested by Paritosh to look after his daughter Pari. Anuj prevents Anu from leaving and requests that Paritosh take care of Pari. He claims that because Pari is his daughter, he has a duty to care for her. Leela becomes irate.

Anu resolves to put Pari’s needs ahead of her dance performance and to stay behind to help her. Paritosh requests Anupamaa’s help in raising his daughter Pari. In order to prevent Anu from leaving, Anuj asks Paritosh to watch over Pari. He claims Pari is his daughter and that he should take care of her. Leela becomes incensed.

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