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Anupamaa Spoiler: Adhik gives the last chance to Pakhi after she apologizes to everyone

The television show Anupamaa is getting a lot of love from viewers. Many twists and turns are seen in the show, which is enough to increase everyone’s excitement. Pakhi is feeling ashamed of all her mistakes.
But Barkha tells Anuj and Anupama that instead of resolving the tussle between Pakhi and Adhi, they should get a divorce as their differences will only grow bigger and will lead to their separation. They get shocked and do not pay attention to her idea.

In the previous episode, Pakhi Shah leaves the house. She remembers all the things and feels regret. Anuj gets a call from Samar and tells him that Pakhi has been missed. Anu gets tensed and both start searching for her.
Anu asks Anuj to stop the car as she has seen Pakhi lying on the road.

Anupamaa goes to her and lye with her on the road. After this, she takes Pakhi home and explains to everyone. Pakhi apologizes to the housemates more and says that she will not do it again and he forgives her. However, he does not spit his anger and says that this is the last chance. Barkha does not like to forgive Pakhi. Anupama gets happy and Pakhi asks her if she will be by her side and she says yes.

Furthermore, Ajun tells Anupama to spend time with Choti Anu as well. But Anu comes to Tensed because her daughter also needs her.

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