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Anjali Arora poses with the same man who was with her in the leaked MMS video?

Anjali Arora recently made headlines after she claimed MMS was posted online. She finally spoke out about her sex scandal video last month, claiming that she is not the woman in it and labeling it “false.” Anjali further disclosed that her family watches all of her videos and that this has a significant impact on them. While all of this is going on, a picture of Anjali posing with a man has gone popular on social media, and internet users think that he is the same man who was with her in the leaked MMS.

The Kacha Badam girl is pictured standing beside two males in the image that is going viral on social media. A man standing to the actress’ right, wearing a maroon t-shirt and pants, has been identified by a number of individuals as the man who appeared with her in the widely circulated sex scandal film. Even Anjali shared this image on her Instagram account, sparking the same speculation from followers. She has recently received trolls for a variety of reasons, including her outfit selections, social media posts, and activities in the city.

See here a photo of Anjali Arora posing with the same man who is with her in the viral MMS video.


While addressing the controversy surrounding the leaked MMS video, Anjali broke down in tears. She stated that she, too, has a family and that it has a significant impact on everyone. She also stated that people have added her name to the viral video in order to gain a few views on social media.

“Sometimes I feel ki jab main ye sab cheezein dekhti hun ki ye kyun kar rhe hain jisme main hun hi nhi. Jisme main hun hi nhi usko itna kyun faila rhe par faltu ki cheezein views ke liye. Anjali Arora ka mms. Mere bhi hai hain, family hai…chote bhai hain jo ye dekhte hain,” Anjali said during an interview with Siddharth Kanan.

While Anjali Arora continued to face unsavoury questions about the viral MMS video, she responded to the trolls by saying she doesn’t care what they think or say about her anymore.

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