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Angira says for me work is not equated to money


Angira Dhar recently talks about her being choosy. She made her debut with Band Baaja and Baaraat (2015). Angira shares – “Aap ekbar romcom mein hit ho jaate ho to sabko aapko romcom mein hi dekhna hai. It’s such a subliminal cerebral kind of a situation because it’s about perspective. And if I say yes to some romcoms then I’ll continue doing that rest of my life. That’s why I decided to wait and did Commando 3 where I played a different role. And in Mayday too I play a lawyer for the first time. I believe an actor has two things, talent and instinct and you got to capitalise on that.”

Talking about career and break, Angira adds – “I know in the initial stage of my career I can’t be picky but I’ve consciously decided to work on things I believe in. I don’t come from a film or moneyed background, but for me work isn’t necessarily equated to money. It’s always quality over quantity.”

While comparison and competition is in every profession, more so in showbiz where people are in a hurry to make a mark, Angira has a different outlook. She says – “Comparison is ingrained in our system. We’re compared to our siblings, peers, colleagues, neighbours and so on. So I’ve decided to never be compared to or never compare. Everybody has their personal journey,” she continues about struggles of being an outsider, “Talent does get recognised. But it’s extremely difficult and takes time for an outsider in getting your foot into the door.”

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