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Ajay Wardhan Review: This Dr. Ajay Karan Aryan biopic is a true family entertainer

Ajay Wardhan Review

This film, produced by Ajay Karan Aryan, is a biopic of this popular Indian doctor and is written and directed by his wife, Dr. Pragati Agarwal.

Movie: Ajay Wardhan

Star Cast: Romil Choudhary, Priya Sharma, and Kshitej Singh

Director: Pragati Agarwal

Runtime: 1 hr 36 minutes 

Ratings: 3 stars

Ajay Wardhan Story

The film opens with Ajay Wardhan (Romil Chowdhary) arriving on stage to receive an award, and the media present there questions him about his life and journey towards success. Throughout the film, you will see him narrating the story of his impoverished childhood, school days, getting into college, achieving his dreams of becoming a doctor, and falling in love with his classmate.

How Ajay’s life goes on amid various hardships and obstacles, finally achieving everything he desires, forms the core of the story.

Ajay Wardhan Review

In the entire movie, what caught my attention the most was the first few minutes of the movie. That freshness of the rural area, the fun-filled environment, the brotherhood, and what not? The movie had some eye-catching scenes depicting the village lifestyle beautifully and at its best. 

Like every movie, this one also has some flaws, which are revealed as the movie proceeds. Personally, I felt that the narration of the movie could have been better. Ajay’s character has been portrayed as extremely honest and innocent, which makes him look dumb at times. a typical village guy who finds it hard to take a stand for himself and fight for his love. From his academics to his love story, he needed a driving force to achieve his goals rather than fighting for himself.

Ajay Wardhan Review

In my opinion, the direction of the plot could have been better, as there are some scenes that look hasty and don’t let you feel the moment. An attempt to create laughter has been made with some funny scenes that might work on an average level. The screenplay and music sit well with the sequences in the movie and keep you engaged. The film needs major rework in its dialogue department. The basic dialogues failed to impress, failing to create an impact.

Talking about the star’s performance, Romil Choudhary has done a satisfactory job, but it seems like he tries hard to match the transitions of his character in several phases of life. This is where he fails and needs to improvise. Kshitej Singh, the elder brother of Ajay, won hearts, while Priya Sharma, as Pragati, also did a commendable job.

Ajay Wardhan Review: Final Verdict

Despite some negative points, many other positive elements in Ajay Wardhan keep you engaged in this movie. Ajay Wardhan didn’t take advantage of familiar strategies like item numbers and intimate scenes and engaged the audience with a clean, intriguing plot, making it a family entertainer.

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