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Blurr Review: Taapsee Pannu returns with yet another disappointing thriller

Blurr Review

Taapsee Pannu starrer Blurr is finally streaming on Zee5 and the interesting thing about it is you get to watch the actress playing with your sight and mind in yet another thriller movie. The actress plays a double role of twin sisters, Gautami and Gayatri in the film. Gulshan Devaiah plays Gayatri’s husband, Neel. The film is a remake of Spanish psychological thriller ‘Julia’s eyes’ and Taapsee has herself produced the movie.

Star Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Gulshan Devaiah, Krutika Desai

Director: Ajay Bahl and Pavan Soni

Ratings: ⭐⭐

Premiere: Zee5

Blurr Story

The story revolves around two twin sisters from Nainital: Gautami- a blind woman and Gayatri, her sister. As the film begins, we witness the death of Gautami when the investigator terms her case a suicide. However, Gayatri is not convinced by them and decides to find the truth on her own. A twist in the tale is that she is slowly losing her vision and isn’t left with much time and will soon go blind like her sister due to some degenerative disorder. 

Will she be able to unfold the mystery behind her sister’s death or end up in a blind state? You will have to watch the film to know. 

Blurr Review

The plot of Blurr just looks good on paper and lacks that level of execution to practically create an impression. The dynamics between Gautami and Gayatri were missing from the film and the makers needed to focus on that too. This would have emotionally invested the viewers in Blurr after being aware of their journey. Similarly, it also lacks the chemistry between Gautami and Neel, where Neel’s character feels useless. 

Also, the logic suffers when another sister is shown to have the same disorder that her twin sister had. Just because Gayatri was her twin sister doesn’t mean that she has to suffer from a similar blindness disorder. 

The sequence developed in a wellness centre could have been more suspenseful and mysterious. However, it doesn’t surprise me much. Another one is an example of a scene where Taapsee tries to locate her stalker. It tries to generate interest but fails to keep you engrossed for a long.  All in all, Ajay Bahl’s directorial is a powerful story which suffers due to complex execution. Simplicity in depicting the plot would have received an appreciation otherwise. 

The screenplay is a huge disappointment as it doesn’t analyse the backstory of the characters properly. The second half is not at all better than the first half and the shocking twists and turns in another hour feels wasted. 

Blurr Star Performances

The film entirely relies on Taapsee Pannu and why not when the story revolves around her character? Taapsee is indeed a talented actress but we can’t say that it’s her best performance ever. Her dialogue deliveries aren’t that impressive in many scenes. She could have done it much better. On the other hand, Gulshan Devaiah has nothing much to do. We felt like his putting a lot of effort into his small character which ends up being unreal and messy.  

Blurr Review: Final Verdict

Taapsee’s Blurr is just a mediocre thriller movie which can fall behind if you have other options. Stream it on Zee5 if you have nothing else there on your playlist as a one-time watch. 

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