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After Patal Lok, this series is also on the target of BJP, after the report is filed, OT canceled

OTT platform Zee5 has refused to release the web series ‘Godman’ on its platform. After the release of the teaser of the web series, it was alleged that there was a deliberate attempt to hurt the feelings of Hindus. The Zee5 has taken this decision after opposition from various organizations in South India.

Zee5 has shared a post on its social media account which reads, ‘Based on the response of people about our fictional show’ Godman ‘, we have decided to suspend the release of our show for the time being. The makers of this show, ie our company Zee5, have no intention of hurting and messing with the people of any community, their religion or their feelings.

This web series of Zee5 was scheduled to release on June 12, but its teaser created so much ruckus that now the makers of Zee5 have decided not to release it for the time being. The story of this series revolves around the character of Ayyanad, played by Daniel Balaji, who describes himself as the messenger of God, but under his guise he is a very big criminal. He makes women fall prey to their lust and even misleads people to come to their refuge.

On this whole development, one of the producers of the series, Alengo Raghupati, says that some communities are trying to suppress creativity. He says, “If the release of this web series is stopped, then these chaotic intentions will get more strength. Such action on cinema is also jeopardizing freedom of expression. We need to give a befitting reply to those who think that they can suppress our thoughts. ‘

After the teaser of this web series was released, on Monday, BJP spokesperson Narayanan Tirupati filed a complaint against the makers of the show. It was said in the complaint that this series degrades the people of the Brahmin community. A complaint was also lodged against the show’s director Babu Yogishwaran, who later had to appear before the police. The main cast of the show, Daniel Balaji, has also been targeted due to working in the show. Zee5 has also removed the teaser of its Tamil show from its platform. Prime video series Patal Lok is also on target of Hindu organizations these days.

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