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Ab Tak Chappan 2 Movie Review : Nana is Back With His Own Action

It was indeed a long wait for the audience to see the sequel of Ab Tak Chappan, which was released 11 years before. The movie has turned out to be a cult classic wherein the cop action drama movie was seen etched deep over the minds of people all over the world. Thanks to the incredible performance of Nana Patekar while playing the character of Sadhu Agashe, which is a character based on a real Mumbai cop called Daya Nayak. Hence the news emerged about the sequel coming a couple of years before, everyone were overjoyed hearing the same. However, the delays in the film release tolling to three years really wrecked the excitement of the audience wanting to catch Nana Patekar back in action in a cop based drama movie.

The plot: The movie starts from the very juncture where its previous part has ended up. However, this time Sadhu is no more in the police department. He is seen leading his life secluded somewhere close to Goa with his son. The financial capital- Mumbai is in a threat of terrorist attack hence the state Chief Minister calls him back saying the famous dialogue, ‘once a cop is always a cop’, for the rescue mission. It takes some time for the coaxing thing till he finally agrees when he is asked by his own son to resume the job of the cop for the mission to secure Mumbai. So, he is back with his gun killing a number of gangsters once he is tipped by his informers. However, soon you find his son being killed by a mafia unlike the way gangsters have killed his wife earlier. This follows the revenge saga and saga of cleaning up the system by remaining inside the police department.

Movie Analysis

To start with, let’s check what is hot in the film. Obviously Nana Patekar was seen in his usual best avatar. You would certainly laugh a loud hearing his cheeky dialogues. Even the age factor has not deterred him to give a cool performance of a hot cop especially while doing the action stunts on his own. The best part of the film is that you hardly find any song in it, which is indeed a big relief to enjoy an uninterrupted movie. Now, let’s check the downsides of the film.  Ironically, the downsides are more than the upper ones. Sadly the other elements in the movie are not par. In terms of acting, the director failed to utilise talented actors like Ashutosh Rana, Vikram Gokhale, Raj Zutshi and Govind Namdev. Also, Gul Panag fails to have much role in the movie. Aejaz Gulab, the director is far away from Shimmit Amin who directed the earlier part. The movie seems struggling to have a better direction, thanks to the incapable captain of the ship, who led his ship (movie) sink. The other elements like cinematography, camerawork, screen play, dubbing, editing, etc, everything seemed pathetic by the way.

Ab Tak Chappan 2  Review  Last Words

Ironically, even veterans like Nana Patekar who are known for their incredible acting and giving lives to films failed to give a lift to this sequel. The poor direction of the movie has kept the entire flow and tone to go directionless. In fact, if you compare the two sequels together, you can find the one from Shimmit Amin far better than the current ones. In other words, the movie is waste talent, energy, money and other elements, which together when culminate together give a successful movie, which ironically is not the case with Ab Tak Chappan 2.


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