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Dum Laga Ke Haisha Movie Review

Yash Raj Films has been often seen toying around the idea of love over the bigger screens. Thanks to their creativity, which has set forth some of the successful love stories on big screen, bringing out really good talents over the 70 mm screen. Dum Laga Ke Haisha is one of the movies, which showcases love in a different mode making it a cute film to catch. As you dig deep, you realise the intensity of its cuteness. The movie stars Ayushmann Khurana is a different mode along with Bhumi Pednekar. The film is directed by Sharat Katariya, while the music comes from Anu Malik, and you find two songs from Kumar Sanu, whom you get to hear after a long gap.

The story

Meet an uneducated, shy and audio cassette shop owner Prem Prakash Tiwari (played by Ayushmann Khurrana). He is an ideal candidate for any rapid speaking English coaching academy ad often pasted on any small time towns and districts. He is known as Lapoor, however, Lalloo could have suited him better than the former as Prem comes as the ricochets between his irritating group leader and his friends along with his overbearing father played by Sanjay Mishra.  He is a kind of man or boy who is still seen in Khaki knickers who is seen doing his exercises over the riverside and can be easily badgered. This attribute simply leads him to the wedding throne wherein he seated beside a overweight Sandhya played by Bhumi Pednekar who aspires only two things in her life, to become a teacher and find a loving husband. Despite the reluctance Prem is seen with a mismatch marriage. Amidst carrying his mismatch marriage, he encounters the challenge of carrying his wife over his back in a competition organized in his town. The endeavour to win the race ignites the light of love story in the film, which becomes interesting to catch.

Movie Analysis

Well, let’s start things on a positive note discussing the good things about the film. The very first thing about it is that the film has a story, which ironically a majority of films in B Town lack. The story has its solid base, honest script, a lead couple, which help you winning gradually and a number of actors who certainly know where they hail. The movie can be called to be the most honest one in the recent times from Yash Raj Films. It comes with a great script, which can prove nostalgic to people who have their childhood of eighties and nineties. You can find good amount of character detailing in it, which helps in finding a quick connect. This film can be a mirror for a number of people who had such kind of experiences and situations in the past. Now, if you talk about the bad things, wish the director could have tried to create the connect in between the two lead characters without the competition. And secondly a few sequences, which go irrelevant to the movie.

DLKH revives the nostalgic moments of the late eighties and nineties wherein the era of cassettes, scooters simply dominated our lives, which used to be very much simpler than today. The script has the potential to win your heart portraying the naive characters in the relatable way. The misfit marriage in the era of the STD PCO’s really has the substance, which the audience would love to catch. You find the dialogues in the film very much quirky and enjoyable with too many smaller laughs and grins. The character of Sandya who happens to be a well educated lady apart from being an independent thinker. You can find the movie rising high on realism and connect, which gives opportunity to a number of people to get relieve from their personal experiences.

Now, let’s check the star performances, starting with Ayushmann Khurrana.  He is successful in getting rid of his earlier disaster coming in the form of Hawaizaada. With the character of dump Prem, he is able to quickly connect with you, which happens to be the most endearing performance of this man. Next is Bhumi, who did her debut with this movie playing a challenging role of a plus size woman in a film.  However, she has neatly played this character and can make you feel that she is actually a lady of plus size figure through her incredible performance and body language. While the other characters like Prem father played by  Sanjay Mishra and Seema Pahwa of Sandhya’s mother is incredible. You would simply laugh a loud how she gives tips to her daughter to seduce her daughter. The other aspects of the film including music, editing, screenplay, and other things too remained incredible helping to make the film better for the audience.

Dum Laga Ke Haisha Review –  Last word

The movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a simple and straight kind of film, which comes straight from the heart of the filmmaker, which makes it easy to connect to. The characters in the film are beautifully crafted, while the love story discovered in the film is really heart melting. You will hardly find any over the top dances, or shoddy music and bad climaxes. There is no two thought about the fact that this film happens to be YRF’s best films, which has hit the theatres recently.

Rating – 4

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