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Aayush Sharma reveals how Salman Khan was questioned about his debut

Aayush Sharma is very excited, as his film Antim has been released. But he also spoke about the trolls on the internet and how he has learned to shut them out. He revealed that Salman Khan constantly questioned for his decision to launch him by the viewers which put him under a lot of pressure. The two actors will be seen playing rivals in this Bollywood flick which has been directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.

Speaking about the hate comments, Aayush said, “I read comments like ‘Salman Khan should have launched a dog instead of Aayush Sharma’ and ‘I look like a girl and should not act’. After that, first and foremost, I stayed away from social media a lot. I have a public account on Instagram that I don’t handle, I’m not on Twitter and I have private account on Instagram where I share things for my friends, but other than that, I hardly read comments on social media.”

Aayush Sharma tagged such commotion as “noise” and said, “You become impatient and start second-guessing yourself whether you took the right decision, you’re so young, you could’ve done 3-4 films instead of dedicating about 3 years to 1 film. What if this movie is not appreciated after taking a gap of 3 years? So, a lot of stress is there in your mind. So I had to keep thinking that this is my life’s biggest film, a career-defining film, and if I can do one scene opposite a superstar like Salman Khan, which the audience remembers me for, I feel that I’ve would’ve left my mark.”

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