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Aamir Khan expresses disappointment on Lagaan not winning an Oscar

Ashutosh Gowariker directorial Lagaan made history 20 years ago. As there was no period drama like the movie. Every aspect of the movie from the storyline to performances are just brilliant. The movie was appreciated by the audience from all over the world and also managed to nominate for Oscars. But the movie did not win. Also, that didn’t affect the amount of love everyone had for the film.

Aamir Khan has now decided to open up on how he felt, losing at the Academy Awards.

Opening up on Lagaan not making it as the winner at the Oscars, the actor in conversation with Bollywood Hungama, said, “A lot of people have asked me this question, and they ask ‘How disappointed were you when Lagaan didn’t win?’. Of course, I was disappointed, and we would have wanted to win. A lot of people have asked me, ‘What could you have done differently in Lagaan?’ So that it could have won. Was it because it had songs? Was it because it was too long? And I’ve been telling people over the years, which I don’t think people have got yet, so maybe y’all can explain it to them.”

Aamir Khan also highlighted the complexities of even getting nominated for The Academy Awards. “At the Oscars, it is such a difficult process to even get nominated; it’s so difficult. If you are nominated, the members of the foreign language committee, 80%-90% or a huge percentage of them, out of all the films that came out that year, have loved your film. They have loved it so much that you are in the Top Five. In Los Angeles, they believe that if you are a nominee, you are coming and standing at the finish line. So, all are equally good. One is told to come and take a step ahead and they become the winner but the other four are just one step behind. So, what we failed to appreciate is that the members and everyone in the foreign-language committee actually loved our film. Because, if they wouldn’t have loved our film, we wouldn’t have reached the Top Five,” The Actor said.

The actor also revealed the improvements people had then suggested in Lagaan to win the Oscars, but he doesn’t back those. He said, “So, that means there was nothing wrong in the film – the songs, the length, the musical aspect of it, the cricketing aspect of it – all that was loved by the members and only then it got nominated. So, you have to understand that the film was highly appreciated, so you don’t look at it negatively, look at it positively. The fact that you reached the Top Five is a very big thing.”

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