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7 Steps Towards Better Digestion

When we refer about having healthy lifestyle, we often think of consuming nutrition in food, having clean foods and doing our regular exercises. However, your workout session and nutrition intake may not give you an optimal result. If your digestive systems is not under your control, it can simply sabotage all your efforts and thus leave you feel less accomplished even after having the thoughtful grocery shopping and food preparation. So, what are the possible ways of knowing whether your digestion is not perfect. Do you find your food laying for hours after you have your meal or you are in the opposite condition wherein you run inside the toilet even before you finish your meal.  These are nothing but symptoms that something is rot inside your tummy. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone with such conditions, you can find many people being affected the most by the same. The following 7 steps can help you in moving smooth via your gut. Let’s check them out:

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1) Combine Food Properly

Whenever we eat food, we try various combination, however, the mantras of getting a perfect digestion can work only when these are combined properly. With rotting food, we often tend to find bad bacteria residing over the digestive tracts. In order to try out a right combination, make sure you eat proteins with vegetables or grains with vegetables but make sure you avoid proteins with grains.  Also, make sure you consumed while your stomach is empty. This will help in avoiding issues like bloating and fermentation.

2) Eat Fermented Foods

If you talk about the process of fermentation, you have certain naturally fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut and kefir which one eats can bring in the good bacteria inside our gut, which in turn help in maintaining our inner ecology.

3) Opt for Enzymes and Probiotics

The experts are often seen recommending consuming the probiotics and enzymes, which can help with food digestion that allow to have a strong immunity. When you find our digestive systems having been take for years of wrong food combining options or processed foods, such digestive enzymes hardly require any boost.

4) Strategically time your water intake

We simply know we need to consume loads of water, however, it is recommended to drink water 15 minutes before every meal. This will help your digestive juices flowing properly inside your tummy and thus allow your food to settle down fast.

5) Follow the 80/20 Rule

When it comes to eating always avoid overeating. Instead, you need to maintain the 80 by 20 rule. This means you need to eat not more than 80 percent, while the remaining 20 percent would help your stomach in expediting the digestion process. Its like a paper shredder, which means that with more paper the machine may not be able to shred the paper in a right way, while limited number of papers can be easily and efficiently managed by the same.

6) Consume loads of fiber

Our body is often in need of fiber in order to have toxins, excess amount of hormones and junk. By consuming loads of water soluble fiber stuff that are found in vegetables will help you in finding good amounts of fiber. Well, with this if you are able to follow the rule number 4, you can simple work wonder. This will prevent in having bulky stool. Also, too much of fiber without sufficient amount of water can lead issues like constipation.

7) Consider Short Fasting Periods

This doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to eat for a day, however, make sure you maintain some tangible amount of gap in between two meals. Make sure you allow your system for around 3 to 4 hours in order to find the food getting assimilated. If you find your belly getting food collected too often then your body is more likely to backfire. Better give your body some time to adjust things you eat rather than eating too many things together and that too every now and then.

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