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7 Interesting Facts to Catch from the Student of the Year 2 actress Tara Sutaria




'Student Of The Year 2' Actress Tara Sutaria

‘Student Of The Year 2’ Actress Tara Sutaria

The moment Karan Johar announced the second part of the film Student of the Year, the next question was all about the star cast. Soon we heard that Tiger Shroff has been considered for the lead male role, and then came the name of Tara Sutaria. But this came after much of the rumors about different girls being considered for this film like Sara Ali Khan and Sridevi daughter Janhvi Kapoor. But we soon saw them getting their debut movie so we had the name of Tara Sutaria. It would be interesting to check some of the cool facts about the life of the leading lady. After she happens to be the new name in the industry and anyone would like to know about her, let’s check

7 Interesting Facts to Catch from the Student of the Year 2 actress Tara Sutaria as under:

Tara Sutaria

Tara Sutaria

Career: She started her career in the creative industry as a video jockey for the popular TV channel called Disney Channel India. She used to give different voices for the show.

TV Shows: She had acted in several sitcoms including The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir in the year 2012 and Oye Jassie in the year 2013.

Turned Instant hit: She turned instant hit by becoming a household name with the sitcom TV show called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Dance per excellence: She has been trained for dance particularly the ballet dance. She can dance in various styles including the modern dance and Latin American dance and has been trained at the popular place called School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance, Imperial Society for Teachers of Dancing, United Kingdom, and Royal Academy of Dance, United Kingdom.

Singer too cool: Besides dancing, she is also good in singing and has been professionally singing in Operas and other places since she was barely seven years old. She has even performed in various concerts including UK(London), Japan (Tokyo), and Lavasa and Mumbai.

Tara Sutaria has twin sister called Pia Sutaria

Tara Sutaria has twin sister called Pia Sutaria

Twin Singer : She has a twin sister called Pia Sutaria.

Pia Sutaria Tara Sutaria

Pia Sutaria Tara Sutaria

Boyfriend: She has been dating Rohan Mehra the son of Vinod Mehra. Though the couple has never confessed about it but they seemed to be in a relationship.

Tara Sutaria Boyfriend Tara Suthra

Tara Sutaria Boyfriend Tara Suthra

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