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5 Bollywood Actors who Lied on TV and got Caught

The celebrities are also human beings hence they are simply like us. They are seen using the new fibs and white lies as well every now and then and hence are seen evading the intrusive questions. But a few stars are seen listing the real whoppers, which made the jaws drop of fans when the truth is seen getting out. So, we have all the big stars and the small screen star as well that have spoken the white lies, how about catching up the list of 5 Bollywood Actors who Lied on TV and got caught as under:

1). Parineeti Chopra

ParineetiChopra to play Sakshi Dhoni in Biopic

During one of the promotional event for her film in May 2017, Parineeti Chopra was seen motivating a few kids by narrating her own struggles during her teenage life. She went on saying that her family had financial issues and she had to face ‘eve-teasing’ as well. However, she forgot that she is a public figure. Soon, one of the boy her own school in Ambala went to the social media to unveil the truth.

2). Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

When we call age to be a number why on earth the actress keep on telling the wrong one. Katrina in one of the interview said that when Berlin Wall fell she was eight. This incident took place in the year 1989. Now, if calculate, her date of birth 1984, so, what’s the real deal, one has to check.

3). Sara Khan and Ali Merchant

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant

We all remember the high-on-drama couple aired on the Bigg Boss? They simply lied about their relationship status and then was seen getting married over the national TV. In one of the interviews, which was aired on the news channel, Sara’s father said that Ali and his daughter were already married, which according to her father were hiding from media to secure their acting careers.

4). Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan

When the lady celebrated her 29th birthday on one of the reality shows in in 2011. However, when Salman Khan during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of the reality TV show called Bigg Boss Season 7, she answered to Salman said that she is just one year older to Kushal’ so at that time he was 28 years old. oops!

5). Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel education

She claimed that she has gone one apartment close to Big B’s cottage in Juhu called Pratiksha. But in reality, she had there only a rented property. With her fallacious claim her owners prevented to take up the property.

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