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Shrey Pareek

Shrey Pareek
Shrey Pareek

Shrey Pareek Bio :

Age : Unknown
Height : 5’7″
Occupation : Actor
Qualification : Unknown
Age: 29

Shrey Pareek is a known small screen actor who was born and brought up in Mumbai in India. He is popular for his different roles in the media, while he did his debut as an actor in TV serial known as the “Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year” which made him popular in the small screen when it got aired on Channel V. He is known for his cool looks apart from doing some out of the way and unconventional roles. He is tall and spectacularly handsome guy and was first seen in the TV in a cameo role in the popular Tv-show called ‘Suvreen Guggal’ aired at Channel V.

With his cameo, he was only able to showcase a glimpse of his cool and smart look which come along with the impeccably talented actor. Right after that, he was seen getting roped in for the Sunshine production’s called ‘ Paanch’ which was also being aired over the Channel V. He came with a new shade of grey and did a great job with it since we find him as an impeccably talented actor who dared to experiment a negative role even when he has to  debut venture.

The TV show ‘Paanch’ was made the actor very much popular among the viewers. His mature act was simply impressed one and all in the TV world. While the TV show ‘Paanch’ dealt with the subject of revenge of Roshni against her sister’s ragging. The actor has played the  role of a senior who has ragged Roshni’s sister. Talking about his personal life, he has been dating Jayshree Soni who is a TV actress and they have been seeing each other since last two years.

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