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5 Big Budget Bollywood Movies That Turned Out To Be Disaster at Box Office

We can call Box Office to be the most unpredictable game. Even a small budget and risky movie at times has given the best profits to the producers while a film with the guaranteed Hit formula has added with a high budget that becomes the nightmare of the makers. Well, how about catching up the list of five most expensive movies of B Town that have proved out to be super flops despite being made after a huge effort and money as under:
1). Raju Chacha
raju chacha
The film was made by Ajay Devgn when he invested all his money in this movie but had to meet the  losses in return. The film hit the theatres in 2000 and was made at a budget of INR 25 crores that earned around 10.5 crores net at the Box Office.
2. Mangal Pandey
Mangal Pandey
The film hit in 2004 during the eve of Independence Day Celebration. The lead actor was Aamir Khan and it was made the budget of around 37 crores but was seen earning around 28 crores net.
3). Saawariya
The Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor debut film was a big film that was made on the budget of 45 crores while it has earned 21 crores. The movie was released in 2007 with SRK starrer movie Om Shanti Om and failed to impress at the box office.
4). Love Story 2050
Love Story 2050
The film was placed with a huge budget of 40 crores, which seemed too big for that time and thus was placed with a huge expectations in the industry. However, the movie was seen biting the dust and thus opened to a weak response. The lifetime collections for the film was around 12 crores.
5). Drona
It was the Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra starrer movie that came with a mega budget and it was made with the 43 crores net but soon proved out to be a disaster. The film earned just 9 crores net at Box Office.
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