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5 Bollywood Films that Were Remade By The Hollywood filmmakers

Generally speaking the Indians are the ones who are known as the copy cats as they are seen imitating and replicating the things from the west. The creative people of B Town also have taken inspiration from a number of Hollywood movies, but do you know that a number of movies made in the Hollywood industry were even inspired by the B Town movies. Well, we have listed out the top 5 Popular Bollywood Films that Were Remade By The Hollywood filmmakers, how about checking them as under:

1). Hitch – Choti Si Baat

Hitch - Choti Si Baat

In this film, we see an introvert man falling in love with a gorgeous lady. He is unable to express his feelings for the lady and thus was seen seeking the help of a love guru. He undergoes some grooming classes and then is all set to confess his love.

2). Pearl Harbor – Sangam

Pearl Harbor - Sangam

The film has been inspired by the movie called Sangam. The film was seen having the same plot that is based on a love triangle.

3). A Common Man – A Wednesday

A Common Man - A Wednesday

It was an epic film based on a life of a common man who decides to deal with the terrorist on his own. The film is thrilling and suspense packed, which made the Hollywood makers too trying to embark with their own version.

4). Leap Year – Jab We Met

Leap Year– Jab We Met

The Imtiaz Ali movie was impressive and it did a good business at the box office as well. It went so popular that the Hollywood makers decided to make their own version with the title Leap Year. After watching the film you may find the two very much similar.

5).Kill Bill – Abhay

Kill Bill - Abhay

The director and writer of Hollywood was known to make a film called Quentin Tarantino. He later made the film Kill Bill and he himself confessed that most of the action scenes of the movie have been inspired by the Kamal Haasan’s movie called Abhay.

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