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5 Hollywood Breakup films showcasing intense emotions that we have seen earlier

We all hear heartbreak stories all over the world including many films as well, In fact, many of us have to pass through the dark phase of life at least once or twice in their lifelines but soon we get to recover from the same. We can see the movie getting break ups and at times one can find a number of intense films out of the show giving us different kinds of relationship, some tend to remain unforgettable due to the intense emotions being showcased in the breakups movies. How about catching up the 5 breakup films that showcase some of the best and intense emotions, which we have never seen earlier in the following paragraphs:
1) An Education –

An Education movie

The film was directed by Lone Schefig, which has a teenage girl called Jenny who is seen throwing away the education goes as a dropout from her school. A man twice her age is seen wooing her with some fancy things and she soon realizes that the guy whom he is dating is married and have kids to see a massive breakup.
2) Her


This film is directed by Spike Jonze, wherein a lonely writer known as Theodore falls in love with a computer OS. Soon the technology too is seen exchanging the same emotions as well giving away some passionate story but at the end it ends up with a huge disaster.
3) High Fidelity
High Fidelity
This film is directed by Stephen Frears wherein a man called Rob is seen taking for a ride in his memory lane while he is keen on understanding his relationship. His girlfriend called Laura is seen leaving him too with a big blow.
4) Swinger
This film is directed by Dough Liman wherein we see a misery of a lonely man in a new city when he is ditched by a girl leaving him nowhere.
5) Begin Again
Begin Again
This film is directed by John Carney wherein a Greta a lovely lady is being cheated by her boyfriend while she is on her journey to be a singer.
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