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5 Nations other than India wherein people are very much crazy about Bollywood films

If you feel that Bollywood has its lovers only in India then think about it. The fact of the matter, the B Town films are being liked in many countries hence are now seen releasing at a big level not just in India but in many countries. To name a few, Pakistan and China are the best examples to check when it comes to Bollywood movie lovers except the country of its origin. How about checking the 5 nations other than India wherein the people of this country are very much crazy about B Town movies and Bet you barely knew about it. Let’s check them out:
1). China

bollywood in china

This is a classic example wherein B Town films are released with fervor. For instance, the Aamir Khan starrer movie Dangal was a big hit in this country as people have fallen in love making it to earn a total 2000 crore as it total collection there. In fact, his earlier film PK too was released in this country making Aamir Khan a big hero of this place.
2). Pakistan
Despite the rift between the two nations, the people in this place are fan for the Bollywood movies. The Pakis really love the B Town film and are crazy for both Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and call them their heroes as well. In fact, the young crowd from this country is a big fan of these stars.
3). Poland


Unlike the above two nations, the Polish people simply love B Town and its films. They wait to see a movie releasing in their country and enjoy watching them in a big number.
4). Egypt-
The country has a huge attraction towards the B Town film and the local authorities banned the Hindi films since they found their local entertainment stuff being caught on fire but with the agitation of the people they opened up the Bollywood films once again for them.
5). Germany


Dancers pose with the wax figure of Shah Rukh Khan during a photocall in the Indian embassy on December 18, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. (Clemens Bilan/Getty Images)
The people of Germany are very much crazy about Bollywood films for the reason that they simply love Shah Rukh Khan.
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