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5 Hollywood Best Horror movies of 21st Century

Horror is a popular genre to make different films in not just in B Town but of course in Hollywood as well. Every year we get to see a number of movies being made on this genre attracting people far and wide. But some films are made with some unusual story, incredible script and dynamic acting performances, which make things really go for a stride, if you are keen on checking the list of such horror films that can be called as the best in this century how about catching up this list of top 5 movies that are made the best in the 21st century. Have a look please:
1). It Follows:

It Follows

It is a smart film wherein you would not find any traditional movie to catch with the usual horror genre elements. Here you get to see some of the best scores barely seen or heard in any Hollywood making it to be the best horror film of this century.
2). The Cabin In the Woods –
The Cabin In the Woods
The film is known to have some of the usual elements like fun and comic elements, however, the very single thing that makes different from the others are the horror elements making it the best horror movie of this century.
3). The Babadook
The Babadook
This film is seen relying over a real horror element rather than some cheap and usual jump scares, and one can see it boasting in a heartfelt, genuinely moving story that is interesting to catch making it the best horror film of this century.
4). Rec –
This film possibly is the best horror movie in Hollywood as it is found out with the best footage movie ever being made anywhere. Yes you may find it very scary but at the same time it is effective and intelligent that can give a crawling effects over your skin.
5) The Orphanage –

The Orphanage

The film is deeply unnerving along with having some surprisingly poignant effects, which is basically a more environmental thriller than being a knocking out climax movie.
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