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5 Bollywood Couples Who Should Make their relationship Official

In B Town we get to see a number of couple, who are there dating but when it comes to talking about their relations officially, they had remained mum before the media. Despite hiding their love for them, its high time that they should confess about their relationship before the media. How about checking 5 Bollywood Couples Who Should Make their relationship Official as under:

1). Tiger-Disha

tiger and disha patani

We have heard a lot about Tiger and his petite Tigress called Disha. The two have been dating since past few years and have been spotted together too often, however, they are still to make their relationship official. Its high time they should do it.

2). Varun-Natasha

Varun and Natasha

They are too often spotted together at a number of locations, which tend to cause the jealousy factors for many of his female fanbase. However, we hear about the affair turning to be official soon, let’s wait and watch.

3). Salman-Iulia


We see them together too often, be it his home or over the sets of the movie and many more similar places but they have confessed about their love. Salman who happens to be the most eligible bachelor of B Town should confess about his love with his lady love.

4). Alia – Siddharth

Alia and Siddharth

Well, Alia though may not be confessing about her love for Sid and vice-versa but the two have been often spotted a lot at many places giving a clear hint that they are love birds. So, it is better if they confess about their love before their fans.

5). Ranveer-Deepika

Ranveer Deepika

They are always making headlines sometime for their love and sometime for their breakup. However, in reality they are still together and are seen in relationship which the world knows. Now, it’s high time that they should official declare their love before their fans.

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