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5 Fascinating Indians Who Deserve A Biopic Rather having movies like Haseena Parkar or Raees

There is no dearth of great personalities whose life can be a good content for any B Town film. These people can offer people with loads of success story that are supposed to be told to the world. Though we had good biopic movies like Mary Kom and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag but with negative people like Haseena Parkar and Abdul Lateef (Raees), the makers seems to have given undue importance to people who do not deserve such an attention. Let’s check the 5 Fascinating Indians Who Deserve A Biopic Rather having movies like Haseena Parkar or Raees:
1). Salman Khan
salman Management Company Matrix
The life of this man deserves a film. He is known with too many controversies, right from the black buck killing to the infamous Hit & Run case in 2002 to a number of his affair with several B Town divas and not to forget his enthralling love story with Ash becomes a perfect content for any typical masala movie in B Town. Also, his heart of gold which has blessed many with so many bounties too deserve a better space on the silver screen.
2). Viswanathan Anand 
Viswanathan Anand
The man with Checkmate thing. He is not only a big winner against the chess mighty man called Magnus Carlsen. But someone who comes from an ordinary family and went out of the way to make his career in the field of chess. The Chessmaster story will be a perfect tale to be told to B Town.
3). Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Mangeshkar
The lady needs no introduction at least when we talk about the play back singing in B Town. She has been giving her voice since last seven decades and still sings for various movies and others. She has a well deserving musical journey that is worth revisiting. A movie made on her life would be worthy to catch.
4).  Jayalalithaa 
The former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and fondly known as Amma has a huge content in her life when it comes to making a story on her. She has been a great controversial figure with a cool career both in films and politics.  She turned the first Chief Minister to lose her credibility in the market owing to her disproportionate assets case.
5). PT Usha 
PT Usha
She is called the Payyoli Express who has loads of stuff in her life to be told in a film in B Town. We often remember her for the bronze skinned having a bit of muscles over her body but her looks has not stopped to be a big winner for her country. She has made the country proud several times and her story deserves to be told to the audience.
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