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70th Independence Day : Tv celebs ‘ memories of making national flag!

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The flag of India is a source of national pride, symbol of cultural identity, and representation of Indian values. We all have made national flag ourselves. Here on 70th Independence day Telly Celebs share their memories of making national flag and celebrations the day of freedom, Independence Day!

Suyyash Rai: I remember making national flags during my school days. I have never missed to watch out flag-hosting. I enjoy the patriotic environment. Parades are even more interesting.

Neha Marda: I remember making our national flag with my friends and use to be a game whoseever flag will be best would be hosted. I remember of celebrating the morning hours of the day with friends singing and dancing on patriotic songs.

Manish Goplani: I remember of making national flag and sticking it with my cycle and going out in the town with friends. We use to get up and get ready for flag-hosting and then till evening use to be cricket time.

Amrapali Gupta: I remember how we sister use to start making national flag since 1st Aug.  And use to even fight for each one to be best. We use to wake-up early and run to ground to see flag hosting and use to return and copy the process. It use to be fun.

Sara Khan: Have made national flags for many occasions be it for Independence or republic day.  Even at times of junior classes. I remember me, my sister and friends use to make many flags and use to greet people gifting it.

Vineet Raina: I remember me and my class friends use to start making flags two to three days earlier and stick them all around the school in every corner. We also use to sketch the pictures of freedom fighters. I am all inspired by Bhagat Singh so I always played him and I use to direct the play for our school auditorium.

Roshni Sahota: I remember the sweet memories of childhood when  we use to make national flag and use to perform holding it. I enjoyed a lot signing national anthem and dancing on patriotic songs. Even when I see young kids  doing it. I miss my childhood.

Mahika Sharma: I have always enjoyed making national flag. Be it for any occasion. Even remember me and my friends use to colour our white Dupatta’s and make it Orange-White-Green. It use to be fun.

Paras Babbar: I remember of making flag and use to feel proud to get it along my bicycle and now when I see kids with national flags at the signals I buy and keep along with my bike. Its all my love and respect to my mother India.

Tanya Sharma: I and my sister have always enjoyed making national flags for such days. Independence day use to be a celebration for us. Every year after flag hosting we use to have debate and news reading competition.

Abhinav Kapoor: Enjoyed making national flag during my school days. We use to learn small speach too. After celebrations of flag hosting their use to be sports which use to be very exciting.

Soni Singh: I have enjoyed making national flag during my school days. I remember those memories of excitement all around. Even I am going to make it again with my nephew. But this year I’m honoured to host our flag in my society. I am really excited as it will be first time in my life.

Meghna Naidu: I have enjoyed making national flag many a times be it for national events or school assignments. I loved making it and I have known mostly all the facts about our national flag. Even today I explore more facts about it over the Google.

Aparna Dixit: During childhood I remember making paper flags for independence day and use to host it with friends. We use to collect flowers and also make ‘Rangoli’ and enjoy singing national anthem  and patriotic songs.

Manu Punjabi: I have national flags during my childhood many a times. It was really fun. We use to enjoy parade and visit different places of flag hosting. The environment use to be completely patriotic. And greeting people Jai Hind use to make me a proud Indian.

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