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5 Bollywood Celebrities Got Stardom Without A Godfather

Luck has not much to do when it comes to checking upon the life of self-made celebrities. The same goes with the B Town actors. In fact, these celebrities have tasted every aspect of their lives, right from the misery to adversary and reaching out to become stars and enjoy stardom. The B Town has several such examples in which we have seen these actors making modest start amidst their adversary and struggle to become big time millionaire thus emerging as one of the top self made celebrities. How about catching up the list of 5 Self made Celebrities in Bollywood as under:

1). Madhubala
She was the beauty queen of B Town thank to her gorgeous and cool look of the lady. However, she did not get her stardom overnight. She was from a middle class family that was pitted with financial crisis when she relocated to Delhi from Peshawar. But she soon headed to Bombay to make her life in acting and she did big soon.
2). Nanda


When she was young, she lost her father and then came all the kinds of misery to her and her life. However, at the age of eight she worked as a child actor to support her family and soon was seen becoming the self made celebrity.
3). Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar
Many know the tough days of Akki and he has come a long way to become a self made celebrity in B Town. He worked for all the odd jobs right from working as a dishwasher in Bangkok to working as a waiter and so on to work as a martial art instructor. When he entered into B Town he then made cool life with it entering into the stardom.
5). Rajinikanth
rajinikanth biography jb#1
The God of South Indian Cinema has worked hard to enter into stardom working as a bus conductor and even coolie to make extra money. Now he makes millions with his films.
5). Shah Rukh Khan
Unlike others the actor has worked hard to achieve this position of being the richest actor in B Town. He came to Bombay with mere 1500 Rs in his pocket and worked in odd jobs before he got a big break and thus enter into the stardom.
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