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4 days to Tubelight teaseras Salman and Sohail Khan are equally excited

4 days tubelight teaser poster

Now that we have been teased pretty well with the first look of Tubelight which has Salman Khan showing his back to us, the makers are making the wait for May 5 very difficult by sharing one image from the film every day. Yesterday, we shared with you a very happy Salman Khan waving at us, promising to meet us in just five days with Tubelight’s teaser. And now we have another picture of Sohail and Salman enjoying the fullest on mountain top. Guess they are equally psyched about the teaser of the film as us.

The poster has Salman and Sohail with their hands up in the air having a lot of fun. It will give you so many feels. There brotherhood is in full display. This picture has only made us excited to see them together in the film. It’s a story of brothers and we are dying to see more of their bonding. They haven’t come on screen for a long time now and that has made us increasingly kicked about the film. Salman Khan posted the photo with words we wanted to say to him after watching this.

Tubelight apparently is inspired from The Little Boy. Based against the backdrop of Indo-China war, the film has Salman Khan as a slow-learner who is in search of his brother, an army man. The only difference between the two is that Little Boy had a track between a father and son while Tubelight has the same plot between two brothers – Salman and Sohail. Pepper then gets desperate to see his father return, and the local priest encourages him to believe that if he has enough faith, he may have the capacity to alter the course of the war; eventually leading to Pepper’s unbelievable mission to find his father against all odds and fears.

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