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10 lesser known and interesting facts about Zohra Sehgal

Zohra Sehgal

One of the oldest diva of Bollywood seems to have faded forever. She passed away yesterday (10th July 2014), leaving this mortal world behind at the age of 102 years. At such juncture, when the film star fraternity is mourning for her, it’s time to check some of the lesser known and interesting facts about Zohra Sehgal. Well, let’s check them out as under:

1). Born in UP in a Sunni Muslim Family

The former theatre actress Zohra Sehgal was born in a Sunni Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh with her name Sahibzadi Zohra Begum Mumtaz-ullah Khan. She was among the third child out of the seven siblings.

2). She lost her eyesight at one year age

When the veteran actress turned one year old, she almost lost her eyesight owing to the presence of glaucoma. However, the treatment helped the child survive in this mortal world leading to become one of the finest actresses of theatre and Bollywood world.

3). Tomboy image in the childhood

In her childhood days, she had the image of tomboy. Instead of playing with her friends with toys and dolls, she was seen playing outside and climbing up on the trees. She was also seen with a rebellious attitude in her childhood. As per her friends, she was known to be among the most aggressive child of all the seven siblings.

4). Dance and acting always inspired her

Since her childhood, she used to get the opportunity to see dance and acting. Gradually she develoed a good interest for the same especially seeing the dance of Uday Shankar, the famous Indian dancer and choreographer from Dehradun, who impressed her a log during those days calling her to enter into this profession.

5). Losing her mother at very young age

She wasn’t fortunate enough to get the love of her mother as she passed away she was very young. Her mother wanted her to attend Queen Mary College in Lahore, which she attended once she returned from Europe.

6). Very much fond of traveling

As you know, her image in her childhood was tomboyish one, hence she had the reason of liking the outside activities. At the very young age, she started travelling and simply to explore traditions and cultures found at different places. These include the all over the India, Europe and West Asia with her uncle in car.

7). Zohra joined Uday Shankar’s dance class

Since she was very much impressed by this man since his childhood hence after her graduation, she headed to this man’s institute of dance and music to get the formal training. Soon she turned out his favorite disciple, who travelled different countries like US, Europe, Egypt, Japan during the period of 1935 to 1940 wherein she performed. She also turned dance teacher in this institute.

8). Found her love in dance institute

During her tenure at Uday Shankar’s dance institute, she got the opportunity to meet Kameshwar Sehgal and soon she fall in love with this man. He was among the young scientist from Indore who also did dancing and painting. Though he was eight year younger to this lady yet the two got married despite the initial opposition from their families.

9). P J Nehru missed her reception party

According to Khuswant Singh, the popular journalist once said that Pt Jawaharlal Nehru was supposed to attend her wedding reception, however, his arrest in the Quit India Movement initiated by M Gandhi led failed her to do so.

10). She remained in the dance academy till it finally shut down

Both Zohra and her husband were there in the dance troupe of Uday Shankar and remained till the academy was shut down in India and went back to Lahore.

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