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Lai Bhaari Movie Review

Lai Bhaari Review

This year has been special for Riteish Deshmukh with a blasting successful of Ek Villain giving him a new avatar in the industry. At the same time, 2014 has something special and different for the Marathi Mulga. It is special for Riteish for having Salman Khan as well in a cameo role, which makes the Kick hero debut entry in the film. Lai Bhaari, a Marathi term, which can be loosely translated into English as Awesome. Lai Bhaari is typical potboiler in Marathi, which can be called as an out and out commercial movie directed by Nishikant Kamat. Indeed he steals the show in carrying out all the tasks neatly especially bringing out the best plot in the film, which can be called as a rare phenomenon in Bollywood, forget about the regional film industry.

Riteish, actor and producer seems to have double role in the movie, wherein he has both the sides of his personality – chocolate at one end with Prince role and the angry young Marathi movie icon with the role called Mauli, who is merely interested in taking revenge, giving a good plot to see in any movie. The director is known to give some of the best movies like Dombivali Fast, Mumbai Meri Jaan, etc. has been exception in portraying the two characters right in the movie, which according to him is a tussle between good and the bad. Besides, you have Tanvi Azmi enacting the character, which is a blend of Reema Lagu and Raakhee, while the love of these two double roles played by Radhika Apte and Aaditi Pohankar has been incredible. The masterstroke of the movie seems to be the imagery, which revolves around Vitthal, the lord of Hindus and his followers known as the Warkaris.

The dialogue seems incredible especially the online liners, which puts additional weight to the movie. as far as the cinematography is concerned the man behind it called Sanjay Memane has been incredible in it. The music too speaks somewhere the melody of Bhakti movement found in these scared city of the Hindu deity. Special mention should be given to Kelkar, who is seen playing the blood spilling and evil minded Sangram with utter self confidence. The only issue with this man is his dialogue delivery especially when he is seen in his action mode.

Perhaps both Deshmukh and Kamat is likely to get a new image with this movie in the B town, which is something different the duo have carved all these years in the film industry. Well, its takes no time and hesitation to claim that both Kamat and Riteish have embarked with a blockbuster stuff, though it may fail to give a fight to the today’s released Karan Johar movie for being regional stuff yet it has the potential to come with a bang over the box office. Yes without forgetting the cameo of Salman Khan who is also the co producer will certainly added a new spice indeed. But for Riteish and Kamat, you can give full marks for taking a successful plunge in Marathi Movie. Indeed, their attempt seems to be Lai Bhaari (awesome) for being the successful filmmakers.

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