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Here’s why Zendaya was nervous about filming intimate scenes with Timothée Chalamet

Zendaya had a lot of problems auditioning for Dune because of the aftermath of a dental procedure. The 25-year-old actress confesses she “had just had [her] wisdom teeth” removed before auditioning for the sci-fi epic for W magazine’s Volume 2, The Directors Issue, which made her worried about up-close sequences with Timothée Chalamet.

“My biggest fear was that my mouth would be vile, and then I would have to do a scene with Timothée where we have to be really close, and he would smell my possible dry socket breath,” Zendaya told the magazine, as per PEOPLE. However, while on site, the Spider-Man: No Way Home star started to unwind. She further said, “It’s funny, because that’s why I love acting so much. It’s the one space in which I can feel safe being spontaneous, because I’m not myself; I’m someone else. There are no consequences.”

In Dune, Zendaya plays Chani, a weird woman that haunts Paul Atreides’ (Chalamet) dreams. Atreides is one of the aristocracies that have taken over dominating the desert world of Arrakis. Surprisingly, Chani and Paul get closer and fall in love throughout the movie. Like their characters, the Malcolm and Marie actress and Chalamet, 26, quickly formed a strong connection.


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 Zendaya referred to the Call Me By Your Name actor as “like family” in an October 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly, and the duo has often bragged about their strong friendship since the completion of filming on Dune.

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